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Why Couples Should Take Dance Lessons Together

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

After spending so much time inside during lockdown and probably binge-watching every good show on Netflix… it’s time to switch it up with an activity that is different, fun and perfect for couples.

Is it time to spark some intimacy with your partner, or are you two just dying to get out and socialise, why not incorporate some private dance lessons or group couple dance lessons into your next date night?

Here are 4 reasons why couples should most definitely take dance lessons together, even if it’s just for one date night!

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You Get to Spend Time Together

It is shown that anytime a couple learns a new skill together such as in a dance class, they can make happy memories and the desire for one another builds. Learning a new dance routine can be like a test to see how well you can collaborate together as a couple and work through any challenges smoothly.

There is nothing more romantic and exciting than looking into your partner’s eyes as you hold each other and move across the dance floor. It’s also a great time to get some laughs out about how left-footed you might really be.

Builds a Stronger Emotional Connection

Communication is key to any form of dance. During dance, partners must communicate with one another to perform any given couple dance, both verbally and non-verbally. Non-verbal communication occurs when the body language suggests who will lead and who will follow. Without saying a word, the body can communicate how you are feeling at a particular moment and through the physical touch, your partner can feel that - whether it’s the tension, anxiety or feeling happy.

Dance is that powerful! Allowing you to take these skills home, and feel closer to one another and more connected.

Improves Intimacy

Quality time, check. Communication, check. Building a newfound desire for one another? Double check!

Dancing is known to be an incredibly romantic activity. Not only are couple dance lessons a great way to spend quality time together, the physical closeness and eye contact with your partner can improve intimacy at so many levels.

You get to hold each other, learn new things about each other and feel like you are doing something just for the two of you!

A Fun & Exciting Way to Workout

Whether you are just looking for a little fun, or both you and your partner want to commit to spending a little bit more time getting some exercise in… Why not spruce up your workout session with some dancing. Depending on the intensity and dance style, you can burn a lot of calories within 30 minutes while also having fun.

In fact, the calorie burn can be so intense that you can be able to lose weight and stay toned, all while doing something fun and expressive. Sure, as a couple you might already be working out together in some way such as hiking, biking, jogging - but having learned a new skill together can help you see your partner in an entirely new light.

Plus, dancing is a skill the two of you can take to any wedding or party!

Dance is highly underrated. It can be as intense as any other sport but at the same time be very fun to do with someone you love and desire. Being able to communicate through just body language while dancing is the future “couple therapy”.

Couples who can communicate through just body language have shown to have a very strong bond and understanding for one another. So why not see if you can squeeze in some couple dance lessons into your next date night. Not only will it be a unique and fun experience, you will get to connect with your partner on a whole new level.

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