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Dancing With the 5 Love Languages

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

An author named Gary Chapman published a book called “The Five Love Languages”, where he proposes that there are five ways to express and experience love with your special person. This can be a specific romantic relationship or just a friendship

He proposes that every individual possesses a specialized love language. You might like giving gifts to share your love, but to someone else, the quality time is more significant. This doesn’t mean that one type of “love” is less than the other.

How can you show love to your partner with dance? Well, when it comes to the beautiful and sensual art of dance, you can express these 5 love languages in many ways, keep reading to find out how!

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Words of Affirmation

Hearing a compliment or how much someone loves you is one of the many ways to show your love for someone, and is the first love language.

Taking part in a new activity together can be one way to include more compliments and words of encouragement into your relationship.

Learning to dance with your significant other has added opportunity for kind words not only during the lesson but in between too. Cute texts to remind your S/O how much you enjoy that time together or to let them know that you can’t wait for that special time together.

Quality Time

One of the best ways to ensure you and your love get some special time together, is to book it in advance.

Whether you choose private dance lessons or group activities, it all adds up to quality, uninterrupted, one-on-one time. No mobile phones, no tablets or emails. Uninterrupted eye contact and active listening during your lessons will have bae swooning.

It starts with dancing and next thing you know, you will have your partner wanting to spend even more quality time with you later that night!

Physical Touch

It goes without saying, partnered dancing is all about communication through physical touch. There’s a conversation that happens in the lead and follow of dancing with your partner that can’t be replicated anywhere else. A touch of the hand or body embrace will go far with this love language.

So, if your partner is someone who loves to hold your hand, snuggles up to you when you watch Netflix, it’s likely that they will love the idea of being all over you in a dance class!

Acts of Service

Take the initiative and book in your private dance lesson as part of your date night. By taking the time to lead and organise the day and time and maybe even by picking out something nice for your significant other to wear, you will shock them with your creativity and desire to spend time together.

Select their favourite songs and create a playlist that you can learn to dance to in your lessons together. Major brownie points here!!

Receiving Gifts

If giving gifts is how your love feels loved, then look no further. Gifting them with dance lessons, or new dance shoes, perhaps even something special practice wear for their lessons, is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Take it a step further and find tickets to a dance event where they can enjoy the night with you. Big or small, it’s all about the thought behind the gift with these lovers.

Ready to step up your game and show your partner that you know them better than they know themselves? Once you know their love language, show them you care and find yourself dancing into their heart once again.

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