Dinner and Dancing date night

Change up your Friday night*

with easy, fun dancing in a private space including wine and nibbles.

Choose one of three options;

Dabble in some dance basics- learn to Salsa, Bachata, Swing, Tango, Cha Cha

and more in your 60 minute dance date.

Take your date to the next level and include a bottle of wine to enjoy throughout your night. Choose red, white or rosé.

Treat bae to the full package with

90 minutes  of dancing,

a bottle of wine of your choice,

and cheese board for two.

*Offer is available for Fridays only.

Payment required to secure booking. Booking must be made 24 hours in advance,

Over 18's only

Find Freedom of Expression With Our Couple’s Dance Classes

We offer private and group dance lessons for individuals who are inspired to move. If music touches your soul and you can’t help but get on your feet, Dance It Forward will meet you on the dance floor! For the couple who are looking to do something a little different for date night, we provide couple’s dance classes. Get into the rhythm with Latin American dance or learn the graceful moves of ballroom dance. Whatever your level, we will take your dance skills to the next level and make sure you have fun doing it.

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What You Can Expect From Dance It Forward Regarding a Date Night Dance Class

We are devoted to bringing people together through dance and aspire to create new bonds. With our couple’s dance class, we hope to reignite passion through learning new skills together. So, stop watching everyone else have all the fun and join the party by:

  • Booking a complimentary lesson: This step allows us to understand what your motivation for wanting to do a couple’s dance class is. In doing this, we will set clear goals, and tailor make each session to meet them, one dance step at a time.

  • Choosing your personal programme: Once we’ve met with both of you and established your reason for wanting to dance, your dance instructor will choreograph and teach five personalised dances. Depending on you and your partner’s level of skill and if we’re working towards a deadline, we teach you basic, easy to remember dance sequences or a more complex arrangement of moves.

  • Getting social: Group classes create the opportunity to learn dance moves quickly as a couple. We repeat dance sequences where you have the chance to polish your steps. Once you’re not focused on remembering the moves anymore, you will have the confidence to freely express this artform.

Various Types of Dances for Your Couple’s Dance Lessons

To inspire you and a friend, a beau or companion, to come to a couple’s dance lesson, we’ve put together some background information to help you decide which form of dance you want to get into:

  • Tango: This partner dance originated on the Argentinian and Paraguayan border. Although there are many variations of this dance, you will recognise it from the way the leader holds the follower in the crook of their arm. The follower tilts their shoulders, neck and head backwards as they are led around the floor in a curving pattern. Because of its sensual moves, this is the perfect dance for the couple looking to recreate a connection or spark a little romance.

  • Salsa: This form of dance was introduced to America by Puerto Rican and Cubans. It’s characterised by three steps for every four beats of music. It resulted from a fusion of cultures to create a distinct style. It’s still evolving, and you will find different expressions in different cities.

  • Waltz: The dance emerged from Bavaria in Germany, and lengthened steps in three-quarter time defines its movements. Stepping onto the heel and then onto the ball of the feet alternately creates a lightness of movement resulting in the floating appearance of the partners. The Viennese form of Waltz is a faster version.

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What You Stand to Gain When You Use Dance It Forward

When you sign up for private couple’s salsa classes, you have free access to a group lesson. We know that life can get hectic and so we have flexible hours to suit our clients.

Contact us via email to create the foundation for or refine your professional dancing skills.

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