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Dinner and Dancing date night. Date night ideas sydney.

Change up your date night*

with easy, fun dancing in a private space including wine and nibbles.

Choose one of three options;

Dancing Date option one
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Dabble in some dance basics- learn to Salsa, Bachata, Swing, Tango, Cha Cha
and more in your 45 minute dance date.

Take your date to the next level and include a sweet platter for two of delicious nibbles to enjoy in between those sultry dance moves. 
This date is 60 minutes.

Treat bae to the full package with
90 minutes  of dancing, dessert board for two, and gift basket with wine.

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Book A Date Night

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*Offer is available for Fridays only.

Payment required to secure booking. Booking must be made 24 hours in advance,

Over 18's only

Find Freedom of Expression With Our Couple’s Dance Classes

We offer private and group dance lessons for individuals who are inspired to move. If music touches your soul and you can’t help but get on your feet, Dance It Forward will meet you on the dance floor! For the couple who are looking to do something a little different for date night, we provide couple’s dance classes. Get into the rhythm with fiery Latin American dance or Nightclub styles. Whatever your level, we will take your dance skills to the next level and make sure you have fun doing it.

Couple dance date night. Couple date night ideas. Couple dance class.

What You Can Expect From Dance It Forward Regarding a Date Night Dance Class

We are devoted to bringing people together through dance and aspire to create new bonds. With our couple’s dance class, we hope to reignite passion through learning new skills together. So, stop watching everyone else have all the fun and join the party by:

  • Choose your date package:  There’s ‘just dance’, where we teach you both the basic skills of partner dancing to popular dance styles and great music. Next is ‘dance & wine’, in this option you choose either red, rose or white to enjoy on arrival and throughout your time. Or if you’d prefer the ‘total package’, this includes a grazing board for two to enjoy between sips of wine and sultry dance moves.

Various Types of Dances for Your Couples Dance Lessons

To inspire you and a friend, a beau or companion, to come to a couple’s dance lesson, we’ve put together some background information to help you decide which form of dance you want to get into:

  • Tango: Because of its sensual moves, this is the perfect dance for the couple looking to recreate a connection or spark a little romance. This is danced very close. 

  • Salsa: This quick-paced rhythmical dance is fast and fun. It's also very popular amongst clubs and bars.

  • Rumba:  This popular social dance is great for most social dance floors and weddings. Easy to master the basics, and applicable to most modern love songs.

  • Bachata: A wonderful sensual dance that continues to flow alongside the distinct music. This dance is also very popular alongside Salsa.

  • Rock N Roll: Great dance for any occasion. Spin around the dance floor to your party favourites!

These are just a few of the many styles on offer for your date night. And if you're not sure which style to try out, you can send some of your favourite songs before hand and learn to dance to them.

Couple dance date night. Couple date night ideas. Couple dance class.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Dance It Forward

When you sign up for regular private couple’s classes, you have free access to a group lessons. We know that life can get hectic and so we have flexible hours to suit your needs.

Contact us via email to create the foundation for or refine your professional dancing skills.

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