Dance Lessons

With so many dances to choose from, here's a few to get you started...

Learning to dance at home has never been easier. We schedule your lesson at a time that suits you, and pick out the styles of dance you're most interested in.

There are a wide variety of options available, such as salsa, swing, bachata, cha cha and many many more.

In your online dance lesson we practice a range of patterns, techniques, skills in lead or follow, musicality and repetition, plus drills to improve strength and fitness. The online dance lessons can be done individually or as a couple. 



  • You will receive step-by-step video tutorials which you can repeat in the comfort of your own home. 

  • You will have live group lessons to continue your new hobby in more detail.

  • Once you're ready, you can also join in our practice parties, and social events!

Watch the tutorials, give them a go, and if you enjoy having a dance at home, shoot me an email to learn more.

You'll wish you'd started sooner. 


Online dance lessons. Online dance class.

Hello Everyone, and welcome to this weeks online group class!

All DIF students have access to online group classes as part of their program.

These are ideal for those who would like extra practice alongside their private lessons and regular group classes, or for those that missed a class and need a little catch up. 

Each group class has a theme or style of focus which coincide with their regular social dance program. 

Group classes can be joined at any time and are available for different experiences of dancers.

Beginners are highly encouraged. 

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