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Join our Weekly Group Dance Classes in miranda

 Learn a variety of social dance styles with easy-to-learn patterns, lots of repetition, improve lead and follow skills, meet new people, and get dance-floor ready!

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These dances include;
Rumba, Cha Cha, East Coast Swing
Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango
Bolero* & Viennese Waltz*

club styles

These dances include;
Salsa, Bachata, Samba, Hustle, West Coast Swing, Nightclub 2-Step, Mambo, Lindy Hop, Argentine & Merengue

*Intermediate Only




five-week short course


casual drop-in

Unlimited To Those Taking Private Lessons


Join our Private or Group Social Dance Classes Today to Have Fun and Keep Fit

Perhaps you used to dance, but life and obligations got in the way; maybe you’ve never danced, but have always dreamt of impressing your girl with your moves; or perhaps you’d simply like to stretch your legs, move a bit, and spend some time with others just like you. Whatever your goal, our social dance classes offer you professional dance training, healthy exercise, an irresistible new challenge, and a chance to meet others, have fun and socialise.

Couple dance classes. Couple dance lessons.

The Benefits of Social Dance Lessons

The benefits of dancing, especially social dancing and taking group dance lessons, are numerous, including:

  • Building strength and endurance: The extent and variety of movements in Ballroom dance classes provide both cardiovascular and strength benefits. You’ll be working your muscles and building overall stamina, and because dancing is weight-bearing, you’ll also be improving vital bone strength, essential for preventing osteoporosis later in life.

  • Improving overall health: Your workout, whether a salsa practise party or your regular swing dance class in Sydney, will help you maintain a healthy body , positively impacting your heart health while lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Dancing can burn as much energy as walking, cycling or swimming, with just one half-hour of dancing consuming up to 400 calories.

  • Managing stress: Everyone experiences daily challenges and stress, whether at work, managing a home and family, living with a chronic health condition or in response to the daily news. The joy of dancing will lift your mood while the all-over body movement helps release ‘feel-good’ endorphins. In addition, the social aspect, whether in-person or online, will add to your sense of community and belonging. As a result, you’ll find you feel more relaxed, less lonely and more upbeat. You’ll also sleep better after your ballroom or salsa classes in Sydney, with more energy the next day.

Whether Ballroom or Latin American, dancing also helps keep your joints and muscles flexible; it improves balance and coordination, giving your brain a workout while enhancing your overall outlook, mood, confidence, and self-esteem. In addition, group classes provide a fun way to meet others, build relationships with like-minded friends, and enjoy time together.

What You Should Know About Social Dancing Styles

The differences between American Rhythm and Smooth dancing may surprise you:

  • The dances: You’ll be familiar with most of the names: Ballroom ‘Smooth’ including the waltz, tango, quickstep, foxtrot and the Viennese waltz; Latin ‘Rhythm’ including the cha-cha, East coast swing, samba, west coast swing, merengue, bolero, mambo,  and the rumba.  Plus, a third category of dance styles known as Speciality or Nightclub styles. This includes, Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango, Hustle and Nightclub 2 step. 

  • The styles: As a general rule of thumb, dances that stay in hold are Ballroom dances, with Latin American styles often breaking or changing stances. More specifically, Ballroom consistently requires a closed hold, where the partners face each other, the lead’s right hand on their partner’s left shoulder, and their left hand holding their partner’s right. However, Latin holds can alternate between closed and open and double or single handhold. In addition, while Ballroom requires a formal posture and controlled movements, Latin styles often require high energy and fast, fluid hip action.

  • Music and pace Rhythm and Smooth dances have distinct musical and timing differences and characteristics.

Although somewhat different, both styles are beautiful to watch and even more enjoyable to dance.

Couple dance classes. Couple dance lessons.
Couple dance classes. Couple dance lessons.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Your Social  Dance Class in Sydney

We offer private and group Social dance classes, personalising the teaching syllabus to your pace, preferences and lifestyle.  Sign up with us to enjoy:

  • Weekly individual, group and social classes: Private Latin or Ballroom classes are available for you alone, you and a partner or a small group of up to four, and you can choose to learn the styles of dance you’re most interested in. . Group classes are split into two programmes. Each programme consists of six  45-minute classes attended on set days and times  with no partners necessary. We aim to get you ready and sufficiently confident to join the group classes and social dancing parties and events. As a bonus, all students subscribing to private lessons have access to our group sessions at no additional fee.

  • High quality, tailor-made dance coaching: Together, we will hand-pick the dances you want to learn from an array of styles, including merengue, cha-cha, rumba, tango, Argentine tango, samba, salsa, bachata, swing, hustle, waltz, foxtrot, bolero, and the Viennese waltz. With our individualised attention, you’ll soon be attending our social dancing events  and reaping all the benefits.

  • Learning in the comfort of your home: If you can’t come out, we offer online video coaching. In addition, you’ll receive step by step tutorials to download and refer to when practising at home.

  • Social ‘showcase’ events: Join us for an evening of dinner and dancing; enjoy a three-course meal and scintillating performances from our students, followed by hours of dancing the night away. We also host regular dance parties, where you can show off your moves.

  • Date night: For something special on a Friday evening, why not book your date night with us? Enjoy your partner’s company and some easy dance coaching in a private space: choose between just dancing, dancing and wine or dancing, wine and nibbles.

  • ‘First dance’ lessons: If you’re planning your wedding, don’t forget to book your ‘first dance’ lessons with us. Your dancing debut as a couple should be as beautiful and memorable as your day; our ‘Wedding Whisperer’ will ensure that it’s the ‘dance of your dreams’, whether traditional or something more outrageous.

About Dance It Forward

We hope to get everyone dancing, regardless of age, gender, orientation, nationality, class or ability. Through social dancing lessons, we offer an opportunity for you to try your hand at dancing, together in the safety of numbers in a group class or one-on-one in the security of our encouraging attention.

We are experienced in coaching across all levels, whether beginner or proficient, adult or child, with exposure to most dance styles worldwide. We also ‘pay it forward’ by dancing to raise funds for children facing health challenges and their families.

When you’re ready to experience the challenge, freedom and joy of dancing, contact us to book your free trial lesson or to find out more.

The world is at your feet – reach out and enjoy.

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