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The Wedding Dance of Your Dreams

Through The Wedding Dance Whisperer, we also offer High-Quality Wedding Dance Lessons in and around Miranda, New South Wales.

We offer Latin and ballroom wedding dance lessons. Get in touch with your personal instructor, no matter your skill level. You will love the process and feel happy, confident and comfortable when you take the floor on your big day.

Wedding Dance Lessons. First dance. Wedding dance classes. The Wedding Whisperer.

Why You Should Invest in Bridal Dance Lessons

You want to coordinate as a couple and feel sure of yourselves when you open the floor, whether you want to take it easy or step it up. We prepare you so you can feel relaxed and excited rather than nervy and insecure.

  • You may want to start your classes well ahead of time to reach this goal, especially if you have no dance experience or “two left feet”. Couples who are already comfortable moving and swaying together may require less sessions to learn a complex routine. Those for whom this is a new adventure may need more.

  • Arranging a wedding is hard work that may cause stress and the odd sleepless night. Apart from the guest list, dress, suit, cake, decorations, and menu, dancing in front of an audience may be another concern.

  • It does not have to be. Dance lessons are fun. They give you a chance to do something pleasurable together, relieve stress, provide exercise and teach you lasting skills.

  • Many recommend that you start your wedding dance choreography about four to six  months ahead. Ensure you have enough time to learn the skills needed to look great and feel at ease on the day. One class a week should do the trick.

We offer an initial consultation, after which we will put a personal dance program together. Register for private classes and join our weekly group sessions for free to advance quickly and surpass your expectations.

Can You Customise Your Order for Wedding First Dance Lessons?

The easiest dances for beginners to learn are the cha-cha, rumba, foxtrot, swing, and bridal waltz choreography. These are just a few of the dances we teach.

  • We style your private lessons to you and what you wish to learn, which may include the Rumba , swing, salsa , and Waltz   Depending on your music choices.

  • You may choose the beginner’s private program and try our discounted, no-strings-attached,  social dancing classes. The program consists of six private lessons where you learn six dances of your choice. Singles, couples and small groups of four can schedule these at convenient times.  This program is ideal for those who want to experience the different dance styles before choosing their first dance. Additionally, this program is great for parents of the bride or groom, plus the bridal party. Get dance-floor-ready for your big day. 

  • We get you moving and enjoying the process from your first wedding choreography lesson – online at your home – working on your preferred styles. Get fit and improve your strength even as we teach you the lead and follow skills, diverse techniques, musicality, repetition, and dance patterns. We can also provide video tutorials showing you how, step-by-step, so that you can practice at home.

All our students can enter the online group classes. Taking part will give you extra practice along with your private or regular group classes. Beginners and experienced dancers can join at any time.

Wedding Dance Lessons. First dance. Wedding dance classes. The Wedding Whisperer.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Dance It Forward

We offer you an encouraging environment where you can learn to dance, plus a passion for what we do. We work with experts and beginners worldwide, giving them the guidance and assistance they need to become aware of their abilities and achievements. You will advance with our support, feeling surprisingly more self-confident, comfortable and untroubled when you step onto the dance floor.

Contact us to book your free first lesson.

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