This is the most important part of your whole dance journey.

Why have you chosen to try dancing? and why now? 

Do you have an event to prepare for?

Or is this a new hobby? Looking to meet new friends? Or build self-confidence?

Knowing why you want to learn to dance will help to tailor lessons to suit you!

On your first lesson, we go through some basic movements of dance. Common elements they all share. We'll dance the basic steps to the dances you're interested in, and begin to create a personalised program to get you to your goals.

By the end of your first lesson, we will pick out 5 dances to get you started.
The more dances you know, the more reasons you have to get up and dance!
Don't worry, it's my job to make any dance you choose easy to do, and easy to remember.

Because these programs are personalised, your lessons are scheduled at time that suits you, and all lessons are 55 minutes.
Wear something comfortable, that you can move in. Dance shoes are NOT necessary, but be sure to wear closed footwear that will stay on your feet. 

Your First

Dance Lesson

What to


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