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dance Lessons

Private dance lessons to help you build your confidence and

fast-track your growth.


Private dance lessons are a great way to build confidence and fast-track your learning.

Hone in on a style you love, or try out something new.

Your private lessons are tailored to YOU!


All new students can get a beginner's private program and try social dancing with no strings attached at a discounted rate with our lesson packages.

Choose between 4, 8 or 12 private lessons to be taken at a time that works best for you. Complete the lessons as a single, couple, or small group (Max 4).

Each dance lesson is 55 minutes.

During the lessons, you will learn the basics of your favourite social dances.

With any private lesson package, you can also attend Group dance classes!

Private Dance Lessons Can Transform Your Life

Private dance lessons serve a greater purpose than fixing your two left feet for a major occasion that may require dancing and provide more benefits than you may have initially thought. There are some advantages to one-on-one classes that may pleasantly surprise you.

Private dance lessons. Private couple dance lessons. Miranda Sydney

The Benefits of Private Dance Classes

Private dancing classes are the way to go if you've got specific requirements or struggle to set time out of your busy day to make the scheduled group lessons. Here are some great reasons why private lessons are useful:

  • Versatility: Group lessons are specific to one type of dance, and there is a limited amount of lessons done on a particular day. Anybody that's looking to learn any specific dance or who is struggling with a certain aspect of a genre can get attention of a dance teacher so that they can work on their particular concerns. This way, you can work on whatever dance you wish and work harder on any weaknesses you may experience.

  • One-on-one focus: Dance classes are great, but if you consider yourself to have two left feet, you may want to consider private lessons to get the extra focus that you need to improve your dancing skills. One-on-one lessons mean all of your instructor's focus is solely on you, and you get the most out of your lesson without feeling left behind.

  • Good workout: Besides the drastic improvement in your dancing and rhythm, dance classes, in general, provide some serious health benefits, both physically and mentally.  Dancing improves your fitness, increases co-ordination and strengthens your heart and muscles. Mentally, dance helps to decrease stress and anxiety, while it can assist in depression management too. Perfect your waltz while working on your fitness with private ballroom dance classes.

Common Mistakes Made When Looking for Private Dancing Lessons

Once you've decided that you want to invest in private social dance lessons, there are things to consider first if you're going to get the best possible private lessons available. Keep these factors in mind:

  • Communication is vital when looking for a dance academy or instructor since you both need to be on the same page with what your expectations are and whether or not it's possible or reasonable. To perfect a dance routine or style, extensive time and focus need to be put in. There is no specific time or date that an instructor can give you to guarantee by when you would have executed your chosen dance, but they can give you a rough estimate on how many lessons may be needed. This general estimate may become more specific as the lessons go on since your instructor can adequately assess your progress and make a call from there.

  • Doing thorough research before choosing a company gives you a better understanding of what the dance company offers and what they don't include. Doing adequate research of a company beforehand ensures you get exactly what you're looking for and gives some insight into how previous and current customers find the company's lessons. The customer satisfaction levels tell you whether or not a dance company is worth investing time and money into.

  • Since quality dancing lessons should be considered an investment and treated as such, you should choose a dance company with the most positive reviews and an accommodating structure instead of the cheapest one you find.

Avoid any future letdowns by keeping these useful points in mind.

Private dance lessons. Private couple dance lessons.
Private dance lessons. Private couple dance lessons.

Problems Dance It Forward Addresses

Dance It Forward aims to give dance enthusiasts the quality dance lessons they want. These are some ways in which we can help you improve your moves:

  • Struggling to allocate time in your busy schedule to fit into the standard hours of dance lessons? Luckily, we accommodate those working odd hours by choosing a time that suits both the dance instructor and you as the client.

  • If you're homebound or stuck in one specific area, we offer ways around that too. Our group dance classes and one-on-one lessons can be done via Zoom so that you never have to leave the comfort of your own home.

  • Choosing to do individual private adult dance lessons offers more perks than just convenience. When you choose to do private lessons with us, you get access to our group classes, too, free of charge. We offer a complimentary dance lesson too so that you can get a better understanding of what to expect from us.

We ensure we provide dance lessons for everyone from enthusiastic beginners to more seasoned dancers too.

About Dance It Forward

Looking for a dependable dance company that offers private beginner dance lessons? Dance It Forward has both group classes and individual classes to cater to dancers of all levels.

Contact us to learn more about what classes we offer and more details on a complimentary lesson!

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