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8 Major Benefits Of Dancing and Dance Lessons

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The benefits of dancing or dance lessons are endless. Not only is dance great for physical and mental health, it can also boost emotional and social well-being. Simply, moving your body to the sound of music can transform your life.

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1) A Fun Way to Get Moving

Dance is not only a fun activity, it gets you moving & your heart rate up, making it a fun thing to do and an exercise all in one!

Improves your cardiovascular health

Dance is known to be a great method to maintain good cardiovascular health. Not only do you build endurance from dancing, but it is also fun to do. Much more fun than running on a treadmill.

Depending on the intensity of the dance routine, if you are sweating after and can feel your heart racing, dance can be a hardcore workout sesh. There are many studies showing the benefits of dancing and its relation to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

So why not play your favourite song and move to the beat?

2) Reduce your stress

Endless studies have shown the reduction of stress levels in individuals who participated in dance lessons including patients with serious illnesses. In one study, it was found that individuals who partook in dance therapy had a significant reduction in depression and psychological stress.

A research study done in 2014 showed that dance caused the release of endorphins (a feel-good hormone) in the body more so than a typical exercise routine. Likewise, the body also reduced levels of the stress hormone cortisol - further suggesting the all-around good vibes.

3) Improves Your Brain Health

Feeling uninspired or unmotivated? Why not participate in a Zumba class! Zumba is a latin dance-inspired workout that will definitely get some sweat out. One study showed how Zumba improved cognitive skills such as visual recognition and decision making.If you thought the “Macarena” made you lose brain cells, you are absolutely wrong. There are many studies that show the improvement of long-term memory and executive function from dance alone.

4) Can Help you Recover from Injuries

Gentle on your body

Unlike lifting weights or an intense HIIT workout, dance can be a gentle way to add a little exercise in your week. Dance can be in whatever intensity you want it to be. It can be slow and simple to an intense cardio workout to serious muscle toning.

When you are recovering from an injury, getting yourself moving everyday can be one of the many things that help your muscles stay engaged and heal faster.

Making dance extremely versatile and perfect for anyone as you can modify it to fit a pace and intensity you are comfortable with.

However, always consult a doctor before doing any kind of activity if you had a recent injury.

5) Tone your Muscles

Walking, climbing stairs, benching, pushups and sit-ups are all great and effective. However, sometimes the body and our mind can get bored. Most of these exercises all happen in a straight plane. Dance on the other hand can be much more if you want it to be. You can throw in a few lateral and rotational movements as well!

With dance, you are improving coordination, balance, flexibility and also strengthening your muscles such as your abdominals.

Improves balance and strength

As someone ages, there is no doubt that balance and coordination starts to deteriorate. This is why seniors are prone to falls. Although limited in research, having dance practice or continuous dance lessons can potentially improve the balance and coordination in seniors.

6) Socialise

Meet Like Minded People

Whether you meet people in a group dance class or on the dance floor at a wedding, dancing is a great way for anyone to spark a conversation with someone who also wants to bust a move.

With dancing under your belt, gone are the days that you have to sit at a table for an entire wedding, you can finally build up some courage to get up there and get dancing! Who knows who you will meet!

Couples Dance Lessons Lead to Bonding

Dance is a great way to build connection with a special someone. It can improve communication and intimacy.

A study done by a psychology group from the University of Oxford asked teenagers to participate in a 130-beat-per-minute music dance event in groups of three to investigate the relationship between dance and partner connection. There were specific instructions to guide the study. The students were asked to either dance in or out of sync with one another and with either high or low levels of physical exertion.

At the end of the study, the teens claimed they felt closer to their dance partners than to the others in the class after dancing the same steps at the same time. Mirroring moves has been shown to foster friendships.

7) Improve your Mental Health

Helps Boost your Self-Esteem

Any form of exercise can boost self-esteem but dance in particular, can give more. With dance you are getting a workout AND mastering a new skill. Dance has been shown to significantly boost confidence and self-esteem.

Mastering a new choreography or a new move can be a rewarding feeling for anyone. Just enough to make you feel ultra-ready to take over the world.

Exercise & Dancing Reduces Stress

One of the many benefits of exercising is its ability to reduce cortisol levels, the hormone which is responsible for stress.

When you dance, your body releases endorphins that help you feel happier, more relaxed and calm. So, next time you are feeling down, throw on your favourite tune and get dancing or attend a dance class regularly so you get your regular dose of happy feelings in!

8) Dancing is a Lot of Fun!

Everyone and anyone can dance. It doesn’t have to be a “Dancing With The Stars'' choreographed proper-form dance routine. It doesn’t matter if you are off beat or not flexible enough, as long as you are having fun, you are doing it correctly.

If you are able to move, even if it’s only a certain part of your body, you can still groove and dance away your worries!

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